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“The Ural Sports Programming Championship. Video”

XVII The Ural Sports Programming Championship took part in Ekaterinburg. Team of Moscow State University (MSU) called "Trinity" won third place, team of Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics won second place, and team of MSU won main prize of this tournament. There is the videorecord of this competitions. Each team consists of three people. They are given one computer, five hours of time and about ten mindwrecking problems. To solve a problem one needs to write a program, which will be automatically tested on a set of jury’s tests and get a verdict – “accepted”, if it passed all tests and “wrong answer” otherwise. A winner is the team that has the most problems “accepted”. In case of a tie teams are sorted by its’ time penalties. 73 teams competed in XVII The Ural Sports Programming Championship in Ekaterinburg - 65 from Russia, 5 from China and 3 from Poland. The world’s strongest teams had the last opportunity to test their skills in a combat environment before the final battle – World Championship that will take place in Ekaterinburg next year. The organizing committee prepared many surprises, that can’t be revealed until the start of the battle. We assure you, that no one will be bored and everybody will have delightful time, supporting their favorite teams. All rules will be explained to the newbies, so they will have their share of fun.

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